IMIU-将世界连接在一起!IMIU--connect the world together!

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IMIU-将世界连接在一起!IMIU--connect the world together!

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In China, many foreigners are hoping to meet more friends, in fact, as everywhere in the world, we have same eager about social interaction, yet, the biggest problem is still the barrier of language communication, by using IMIU global social networking application, the barrier of language will be completely erased, it supports an auto real-time translating system that could fulfill the barrier free communication, no matter .one-to-one or one-to-many, the language problem will no longer needed to be concerned!

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Because of the language barrier, traditional social networking application could only support the interaction in same language, it’s hard for friends that speak different language to read the subscribe or posts of each other. IMIU will change all that, after entered the IMIU world circle, what you will see would be the activities of friends that from all over the world, although there’s a lot of different languages, IMIU will help you to translate what you can’t understand, and therefore offer an interaction that’s completely barrier free. Meanwhile, for intimate friends, we also provided a private friend circle that only belongs to you, with IMIU, your friend circle would not be limited by race, language or color, come and join us, meet your first foreigner friend!

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