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Hiring Full-time English Teachers

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Job Description:
Position: English Kindergarten Teacher
Work days: Monday-Friday, weekends off;
Work hours: 8:20am-5pm, in total 40 working hours per week, including less than 25 teaching hours per week;
Starting time: Soon or after the Chinese Spring Festival 2018
Salary:RMB14,000-RMB16,000 monthly for non-native speakers, for native speakers with the related teaching experience and bachelor degree, the salary can be RMB 18,000-RMB 20,000 monthly
Location: Beijing or Tianjin City, China

(1)Good character, high moral integrity; flexible and intelligent;
(2)Age - from 22 to 55 years old;
(3)Native English speakers from the US., the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa
(4)Physically healthy, no criminal record (must provide documentation of a "clean" criminal record);
(5)Bachelor degree or above (any subject);
(6)Candidates with TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certificate ≥120 hours, OR 2 years of English teaching experience OR a bachelor’s degree with English language or Education major.

Support service offered:
(1)Work (Z) visa processing if candidate does not have one;
(2)Airport pickup service upon candidate's arrival;
(3)Assistance of finding apartment will be provided;
(4)Free pre job training services to help teachers adapt to the work in Beijing;
(5)Chinese cultural excursions like Great Wall trip, and other cultural activities such as KTV, etc.
(6)Support service of living in Beijing.

About US:
Venus Education Group was established in 2001, by opening her first Venus school----Huaqing campus. Now there is a total of 11 Venus schools being: Huaqing, Dongrun, Zhujiang, Rose, Mingyuefengjing, Guofeng, Crystal, Kaifaqu, Defu, Runze and Shunyi International, consisting of more than 3,000 children and approximately 800 teachers.
During the past 16 years, Venus education group have been tested and verified by governmental legislation and regulations, exploring worldwide pedagogy and studyingthe essence among Chinese traditional teaching methods and current teaching trends. Venus education group nurtures a large amount of educators whilst expandingthe team, contributing to parents' approval of educational purpose and philosophy. Supported by metropolitan as well as regional education commissions, the group keeps on carrying out research, vigorously designing teams, emphasizing safety, improving food quality control and striving for success. We have been recognized as a standard kindergarten both on district, urban, metropolitan as well as on national level.
For more information about our school, please visit: http://www.qimingschool.com/en.html

How to apply:
Please send your CV with photo or video to 751094260@qq.com or contact Wechat Shango_81.
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