Native Traditional Chinese (Taiwanese) Technical translator

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Native Traditional Chinese (Taiwanese) Technical translator

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Job Description:
We are a globally active translation company and we are now seeking Native traditional Chinese technical translators to work for us as freelancers. You are expected to work with us at project basis.

Our requirements:
We envisage that you are native speaker of Traditional Chinese and interested in languages, have a technical background and experience in automobile/mobile string translation and/or technical writing. Previous experience of CAT-software is an advantage.

If you are interested in working with us, please send a copy of your CV and sample translations directly to us <>.

Thanks in advance.
We will contact you within two weeks as soon as your CV is suitable, thank you for your cooperation!



1. 台湾人,或在台湾生活过, 本科及以上学历。
2. 2年以上翻译经验,有汽车机械/或手机词条领域翻译经验。
3. 为人友好,团队合作,熟练掌握繁体中文口语及书面语。
4. 有服务意识,能在Windows下正确操作基本软件。
5 有CAT软件使用经验者优先。
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