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Professional Chinese Mandarin Tutor/Teacher

帖子jackkrieger83 » 03 3月 2018, 16:45

Hi, my name is Jack. I am professional Chinese mandarin teacher. I am native Chinese and speak fluent English, average German, and Japanese. I have worked as a Chinese teacher for five years.

Do you feel lost when and how to begin to learn Chinese, a language with so many different characters which look more like drawing than writing?

Do you earnestly desire to speak perfect Chinese with good pronunciation and correct tones?

Are you still not satisfied with your Chinese after years of study? Do you still find it difficult to communicate with natives?

If so, contact me. And I’ll make the difference.
The total fee will stay the same if it’s a group class, because I get paid by the hour, which means it would be 50 RMB/hour for each if it’s two-persons lesson.

Mobile: 18621948277

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