Apartment in Wutong Gong Yu in Jiao Gong Road For Rent

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Apartment in Wutong Gong Yu in Jiao Gong Road For Rent

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Property Detail:
Wu Tong Apartment is located on the crossing of Wen Yi Road and Xue Yuan Road. Around it there are two big supermarkets –Wu Mart and Vanguard Mart. Many restaurants, markets, shops, banks ,schools and a big cinema near by. It takes 15 minutes to the Westlake by car.T he apartment is furnished in nice decoration, with fridge, washing machine, TV, air condition and so on.
The apartment has 3 bedrooms. Total it has 130 sqm. Rent is 6000 rmb/momth.

Contact us:
Website: http://www.hangzhou-rent.com
Email: maryinhz@gmail.com
Tel: +86 571 85812800
Fax: +86 571 85812900
Add: Room 1116, Jingui Mansion, Xihu District, Hangzhou
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