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Visa Solution-North View

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- VISA Services 签证服务
a. China entry visa solution 中国签证
b. China Visa renewal solution 中国签证延期
c. Residence permit 居留许可
d. H.K. visa / I.D. 香港签证

- Company Registration 公司注册
a. W.F.O.E. (wholly foreign owned enterprise)(would apply residence permit) 外商独资企业
b. Representative Office 代表处
c. Offshore Company (H.K./U.K./Seychelles comp.) 离岸公司(香港/英国/塞舌尔)
d. Import / Export license & solutions 进/出口许可证 & 解决方案
e. China / H.K. Trademark Registration 中国/香港 商标注册

- Tax and Accounting Service 税务会计
a. Annual audit and renewal 年审审计
b. Bank accounts 银行账户

- Business Supporting 业务支持
a. Import & export flow optimization 进出口流程优化
b. Advertisement 广告
c. Fairs exhibition 展会
d. Website / Magazine promotion 网站/杂志宣传

- Others 其他
a. China/international driving license etc. 中国/国际驾照

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