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Professional Mandarin Chinese lesson

帖子coco » 11 11月 2016, 10:02

I am a Mandarin speaking teacher from the northern part of China using standard pronunciation. I have been teaching for 4 years and have both a teaching certificate and a Mandarin certificate. My current and previous students are from Korea, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Singapore, Spain, Canada, Japan, England and the United States.
I offer classes one on one as well as in a group setting which is well utilized in a corporate setting. I have a keen sense towards the particular problems Chinese students encounter and I have tailored my classes specifically toward overcoming these obstacles. I emphasize these familiar mistakes in order to avoid ordinary errors when speaking or writing, which has resulted in an obvious improvement on this part .Therefore, the students can quickly and correctly grasp the language. I emphasize the contemporary aspects of the language using among today’s speakers for functional reasons rather than ancient Chinese.
Please feel free to contact me at any time, my information is as follows.
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