Spring Festival,stay in China???

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Spring Festival,stay in China???

帖子Jill_ih » 15 11月 2011, 16:10

Spring Fesival is coming soon, you will stay after X-mas??
Do you have some plan making the holiday memorable?
Why not come to see Terracotta,this ancient city make life more meaningful.
We are International House Xi'an, we are worldwide brand. IH Xi'an focus on Chinese Study Tour, we provide types Chinese courses and sight seeings, different programs,even other 7 languages.
Learn Chinese, English, Spanish,Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese,German, all in IH Xi'an!
Language learning & qualified teachers & small class & home stay(optional) & culture course

Check our website: ihxian.com or Email- wangjing@ihxian.com for further information.
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Re: Spring Festival,stay in China???

帖子dada6hongkong » 21 12月 2011, 11:00

:geili: hahh, good!
Xi'an is really a must for foreigners.
If you wanna stay in China for a longer time to enjoy yrself, worrying yr visa will expire soon, just contact us at MSN: dada6_hongkong@hotmail.com for visa extension.hahhh :D
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