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Wonderful Place for Chinese Learning

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Professional teachers: all of our teachers are graduated from famous universities. Having received systematic training, they all have rich experiences in teaching.
Elegant environment: You will see Chinese knot, Chinese painting, art tea-service etc. in our classrooms. Not only will you learn Chinese happily, but also experience personally the unique and profound Chinese culture here.
Flexible choice: All courses have two kinds of teaching modes which are one to one teaching and small-class teaching. We will make suitable study plans for learners of different levels and different learning objectives. Meanwhile, you may study on-line or choose a third convenient place to have your lesson. In a word, our aim is to let you enjoy Chinese learning at anytime and anywhere.
Diverse courses:
1.conventional Chinese
2.business Chinese
3.short-term spoken Chinese
4.HSK counselling
5.Chinese culture:Kungfu and Chinese Tea
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