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Foreigners in China who write in English

» Streaming Sites For Every Occasion
22/06/17 04:50 from The World of Chinese
It can be hard to watch your favorite movies and TV shows behind the great firewall. We're here to help.

» Kunming Day One Video
21/06/17 13:00 from Chinese Blog
What can you do with just 72 hours in China’s Spring City of Kunming? Quite a lot, actually! Join us for a new video series exploring one of the most beautiful cities in China. We’re st...

» Recipe for Obesity
21/06/17 07:47 from The World of Chinese
China takes world's lead in child obesity, but it's unclear who's to blame

» Beijing Subway PDAs
21/06/17 01:00 from The World of Chinese
Outrage brews as couples go overboard with affection on the Beijing Subway

» Gimme Shelter
20/06/17 05:15 from The World of Chinese
On World Refugee Day, China's role in the growing humanitarian crisis is called into question

» Animation Pulled From Festival
20/06/17 03:35 from The World of Chinese
New film law forces Chinese films to gain approval before screening abroad

» Pervert “Magician” Jailed
20/06/17 02:11 from The World of Chinese
Breast-groping magician and producer jailed for controversial video

» 72 Hours in Kunming (Part One)
19/06/17 13:00 from Chinese Blog
Getting a visa for China can be costly, in both time and dollars spent. This certainly keeps China low on many people’s list of places to travel. Why spend all that time and money on getting ...

» The Viral Week That Was: Ep 116
19/06/17 07:35 from The World of Chinese
Shaq proposing, how to eat noodles, farming for clicks, and more

» Year Of The Mouse
18/06/17 00:30 from The World of Chinese
On the first anniversary of Shanghai’s Disney resort, TWOC takes a stroll through Main Street, China

» The Summer Is Gone
17/06/17 00:33 from The World of Chinese
A nostalgic look at 90s childhood that struggles to surpass its sentimentality

» Show of the Week: Midnight Diner
16/06/17 06:11 from The World of Chinese
If they could, Chinese viewers would give this remake of a Japanese drama a rating of zero

» How much is too much for talent?
16/06/17 05:52 from The World of Chinese
Chinese football clubs are paying millions for foreign players and it's raising eyebrows

» Grand View Park Video Tour
15/06/17 20:13 from Chinese Blog
There’s lots to see in and around Kunming, as the city is surrounded by mountains and lakes. One of the best options for a day trip is Grand View Park. Here you can read a famous poem, wander...

» The TWOC Gaokao Essay Guide
15/06/17 07:45 from The World of Chinese
Our tips for the most mind-boggling prompts from this year's essay tests

» Kunming Day Trips – Grand View Park
13/06/17 13:00 from Chinese Blog
There are tons of great options for day trips in China’s Spring City. You can hike to the top of the Western Hills, admire the beautiful World Expo Gardens, and visit plenty of incredible tem...

» How Bento Became a Taiwanese Staple
12/06/17 12:00 from Chinese Blog
In my post last month I discussed a traditional Chinese item that originally came from the Japanese culture – the Lucky Cat. The Lucky Cat was so well assimilated into the Chinese life, that it doe...

» A Chengdu Classic Reborn: “Dave’s Oasis”
02/06/17 10:53 from Chengdu Living
With well over 15 years in business, Dave's Oasis is among Chengdu's oldest nightlife establishments, renewed for 2017. Learn about everything that's new here. The post A Chengdu Classic Reborn: &#...

» Chinese Social Media App WeChat blocked in Russia
21/05/17 04:34 from ChinaHush
According to an announcement by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) of Russia on May 5, the country has placed the overseas v...

» Podcast Ep. #21: Game Design & China
28/04/17 11:08 from Chengdu Living
In this episode of the podcast, we speak with the director of Breda University's Game Architecture and Design school about China's game emergent industry. The post Podcast Ep. #21: Game Design ...

» Frequently asked questions about studying mandarin Chinese in China
20/04/17 20:45 from ChinaHush
It’s a big decision to make, that’s for sure, but once you’ve decided to go and study Mandarin Chinese in China you’ll, naturally, want ot find out as much as you can before...

» The Best VPN for China: Our Top 3 Choices (Apr 2017)
02/04/17 05:02 from chinaSMACK
After hours of extensive testing here in China, we’ve updated our Best China VPN guide to help you get around the internet censorship and unblock the web. If you are coming to China for work ...

» Review: The Souls of China, by Ian Johnson
29/03/17 18:14 from The Useless Tree
Walking through the hutong of Beijing, a...

» Good Good: Authenticity & The Mexican Grill in Chengdu
27/03/17 10:46 from Chengdu Living
In this interview the founders of Chengdu's Good Good Mexican Grill talk about their come up, from street side taco startup to full-service restaurant and city-wide delivery. The post Good Good: Au...

» Podcast Ep. #20: Bicycle Share Programs
17/03/17 10:48 from Chengdu Living
In this episode of the podcast we speak to Larry and Jacob of the Natooke bicycle shop about Chengdu's shared bicycle economy. The post Podcast Ep. #20: Bicycle Share Programs appeared first on Che...

» How to Take Shortcuts to Elite Chinese Like I Did
08/03/17 11:40 from Chengdu Living
A handful of discoveries, many learned the hard way, helped me leapfrog my Chinese language skills. Here are those tips, and the journey I took to get proficient at Chinese so you can do the same. ...

» I Like My SUVs Dipped in Gold and My Skies Tinted Milky Grey: Let’s Talk About New Money and Bad Air in New Asia
02/03/17 02:54 from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
  This is not a rant. This is an open question/discussion prompt. A week or two ago, one of my former students (now grown up, married and somehow happily living...

» Scott Savitt’s Crashing the Party
01/03/17 01:23 from The Peking Duck
Crashing the Party: An American Reporter in China by Scott Savitt grabs you by the throat in its first pages and keeps you turning the page until the end. From the opening page: I’m lying on ...

» Living in Xinjiang | One Foreigner’s Perspective
16/02/17 18:41 from Xinjiang: Far West China
For most people who want to study in China, moving and living in Xinjiang is not one of the first things that comes to mind. Why is that? For one, it’s a place that is full of stereotypes, in...

» Mao’s Hidden Massacres
19/01/17 23:37 from The Peking Duck
About nine years ago, when I was doing work related to the Beijing Olympics, I learned a lesson I should have been smart enough to know in advance. I should have known that Chinese people don’...

» Insert Coherent, Concise, Astute Title Here: Notes on Starting the New Year with a Question Mark
02/01/17 02:53 from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
  One of the downsides to writing every three or six or eight months is that all of the half baked ideas that might have made up a dozen different...

» 3 top Chinese social media news this week
13/12/16 05:24 from ChinaHush
Here are this week’s three hottest news of Chinese social media Aliporn : Alipay New App is Turning into Hook-up Tool Source sixtone Alipay handles the payment system of Alibaba but it also l...

» Fun With Ngrams: The Presence of Confucianism in America
12/12/16 19:46 from The Useless Tree
Now that my semester is drawing to an end (still have grading to do), my mind is turning toward my research question: why has Confucianism not gained greater prominence in the United States in the ...

» Welcome to the Age of Trump
06/12/16 01:38 from The Peking Duck
Since Trump’s victory, my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant in Phoenix, Middle Eastern Bakery and Deli, has had its windows smashed — twice. I know the owner and his wife and it is kin...

» Donald Trump Rears His Head
03/12/16 22:33 from The Peking Duck
Three weeks later, and the shock and worry won’t wear off. For months I had devoured every bit of news about the election. I donated three times to the Democratic campaign. I watched the thre...