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Foreigners in China who write in English

» How To Talk Like A Maoist General
25/03/17 02:40 from The World of Chinese
How to rule the boardroom with revolutionary rhetoric

» Perceiving the Sounds of the Village
24/03/17 12:33 from The World of Chinese
Exhibition by post-90s photographer captures the intersection of life and survival in Shenzhen's urban villages

» Show of the Week: Informal Talks
24/03/17 07:29 from The World of Chinese
Hot young foreign guys discussing current affairs in Mandarin? It's surprisingly civil and informative

» Peking Opera
23/03/17 18:52 from Chinese Blog
The Chinese capital is famous for lots of things – the Great Wall, roast duck, and of course, Peking opera (京剧 – jīng jù). It has a long history and is thought of as a cultural treasure...

» Popaganda
23/03/17 06:17 from The World of Chinese
A glimpse into the latest trend of C-pop: communism over teen love

» They Do It With Backdrops
22/03/17 14:32 from The World of Chinese
That posh apartment of your favorite Chinese live streamer may be fake

» Chinese Vocabulary for Meat
22/03/17 12:00 from Chinese Blog
Learning food-related vocabulary is always one of the first tasks when studying a language. This is especially important in places like China, where you won’t commonly find English on the men...

» Naming Trends Across the Decades
21/03/17 04:16 from The World of Chinese
What the most popular given names of each decade say about the evolution of modern China

» Baozi vs. Jiaozi
20/03/17 17:39 from Chinese Blog
Life is full of difficult choices. Tea or coffee, chicken or fish, but most of all, baozi (包子 – bāo zi) or jiaozi (饺子 – jiǎo zi). Both are cheap, delicious little bundles of joy, so you...

» The Viral Week That Was: Ep 103
20/03/17 12:30 from The World of Chinese
The oldest photographer in China, exploding Samsungs, a Lotte trouble, and much more

» The Left-Behind Village
19/03/17 03:31 from The World of Chinese
Tea plantations in Northern Thailand built by descendants of Chinese soldiers

» Macau About That?
18/03/17 04:10 from The World of Chinese
Finding the family-friendly in China’s gambling mecca

» Podcast Ep. #20: Bicycle Share Programs
17/03/17 10:48 from Chengdu Living
In this episode of the podcast we speak to Larry and Jacob of the Natooke bicycle shop about Chengdu's shared bicycle economy. The post Podcast Ep. #20: Bicycle Share Programs appeared first on Che...

» Show of the Week: Letters Alive
17/03/17 07:09 from The World of Chinese
Variety show where actors read letters from historical figures gives new meaning to "celebrity gossip"

» Chinese Adjectives
15/03/17 14:00 from Chinese Blog
Learning adjectives is an important aspect of studying any language. After all, you need adjectives to describe people, places, and things. Building up your vocabulary with more and more adjectives...

» Golden Temple Video Tour
13/03/17 14:00 from Chinese Blog
Another excellent day trip out of Kunming is the beautiful Golden Temple (金殿公园 – jīn diàn gōng yuán). This is a great place to get out of the concrete jungle, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy...

» How to Take Shortcuts to Elite Chinese Like I Did
08/03/17 11:40 from Chengdu Living
A handful of discoveries, many learned the hard way, helped me leapfrog my Chinese language skills. Here are those tips, and the journey I took to get proficient at Chinese so you can do the same. ...

» I Like My SUVs Dipped in Gold and My Skies Tinted Milky Grey: Let’s Talk About New Money and Bad Air in New Asia
02/03/17 02:54 from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
  This is not a rant. This is an open question/discussion prompt. A week or two ago, one of my former students (now grown up, married and somehow happily living...

» Scott Savitt’s Crashing the Party
01/03/17 01:23 from The Peking Duck
Crashing the Party: An American Reporter in China by Scott Savitt grabs you by the throat in its first pages and keeps you turning the page until the end. From the opening page: I’m lying on ...

» Living in Xinjiang | One Foreigner’s Perspective
16/02/17 18:41 from Xinjiang: Far West China
For most people who want to study in China, moving and living in Xinjiang is not one of the first things that comes to mind. Why is that? For one, it’s a place that is full of stereotypes, in...

» Mao’s Hidden Massacres
19/01/17 23:37 from The Peking Duck
About nine years ago, when I was doing work related to the Beijing Olympics, I learned a lesson I should have been smart enough to know in advance. I should have known that Chinese people don’...

» Insert Coherent, Concise, Astute Title Here: Notes on Starting the New Year with a Question Mark
02/01/17 02:53 from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
  One of the downsides to writing every three or six or eight months is that all of the half baked ideas that might have made up a dozen different...

» 3 top Chinese social media news this week
13/12/16 05:24 from ChinaHush
Here are this week’s three hottest news of Chinese social media Aliporn : Alipay New App is Turning into Hook-up Tool Source sixtone Alipay handles the payment system of Alibaba but it also l...

» Fun With Ngrams: The Presence of Confucianism in America
12/12/16 19:46 from The Useless Tree
Now that my semester is drawing to an end (still have grading to do), my mind is turning toward my research question: why has Confucianism not gained greater prominence in the United States in the ...

» Welcome to the Age of Trump
06/12/16 01:38 from The Peking Duck
Since Trump’s victory, my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant in Phoenix, Middle Eastern Bakery and Deli, has had its windows smashed — twice. I know the owner and his wife and it is kin...

» Donald Trump Rears His Head
03/12/16 22:33 from The Peking Duck
Three weeks later, and the shock and worry won’t wear off. For months I had devoured every bit of news about the election. I donated three times to the Democratic campaign. I watched the thre...

» Mencius Says: Donald Trump is Inhumane and Should Not Be President
18/11/16 15:20 from The Useless Tree
When faced with challenging circumstance...

» Why Hillary Lost the Election, According to the Yi Jing
11/11/16 15:53 from The Useless Tree
Let me preface this with a statement of my own political position. I believe the election of Donald Trump is a disaster on many levels, and I will do whatever I can to limit his power while he is i...

» Xinjiang Street Food | Karamay Fried Yellow Noodles
03/11/16 20:33 from Xinjiang: Far West China
When it comes to Xinjiang street food, I’m a huge fan. I know that it takes a bit of courage to eat unknown foods but, for the most part, it’s absolutely worth it. In the past, I’...

» Living in Qingcheng: Digital Nomad in a Chinese Mountain Town
02/11/16 09:25 from Chengdu Living
There's tranquility and beauty to be found outside of China's major cities. Like Qingchen Shan, one of the birthplaces of Taoism on the outskirts of Chengdu. The post Living in Qingcheng: Digital N...

» 10 Years in Xinjiang | CCTV Documentary
27/10/16 08:44 from Xinjiang: Far West China
In July of 2016, I was connected to Han Bin, a senior producer who was planning to film a CCTV documentary series on the Xinjiang region. He was going to create 18 mini-documentaries on various sto...

» FarWestChina’s Josh Summers on CCTV
19/10/16 21:06 from Xinjiang: Far West China
Hundreds, if not thousands of foreigners have made appearances on CCTV, China’s state television network. It may not be a big deal for somebody who lives in Beijing, but for me – this b...

» Travel Kuqa | What’s Worth Visiting?
13/10/16 21:27 from Xinjiang: Far West China
The ancient city of Kuqa (a.k.a. “Kuche” or 库车) is one of those historically significant and yet often-overlooked places to visit in China’s far western region of Xinjiang. When i...

» Podcast Ep. #19: Chengdu Underground Music
11/10/16 10:08 from Chengdu Living
Chengdu's music scene has come a long way, evidenced by a recent documentary chronicling its current state. We speak with the creators. The post Podcast Ep. #19: Chengdu Underground Music appeared ...

» Friday Yi Jing Blogging: Hillary will win Presidency
30/09/16 20:21 from The Useless Tree
The US Presidential contest has taken on bizarre twists and turns in recent weeks and months, mostly generated by the unstable behavior of Donald Trump. So, it is high time we settle the matter and...