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Foreigners in China who write in English

» Chinese Vocabulary for the Tencent vs. Lao Gan Ma Case
03/08/20 11:00 from Chinese Blog
A much-discussed drama involving the Chinese tech giant Tencent and the well-known Chili sauce brand Lao Gan Ma erupted last June. Lao Gan Ma (老干妈 Lǎo gàn mā) is one of the most favored chili sauce...

» Best VPN for China 2020 (that still works despite the ban)
01/08/20 06:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
Updated August 2020: As you may know, China has been cracking down on the use of VPNs during most of last year. Almost every virtual private network is experiencing connection troubles, but do...

» Summer Fun in Beijing Parks
29/07/20 13:30 from Chinese Blog
Summer in Beijing is very fun (北京的夏天很有趣 Běi jīng de xià tiān hěn yǒu qù). Sure it’s a bit hot, but there are plenty of ways to cool down. Plus, if you can’t make it to a body of water, ...

» How to Travel From Urumqi to Kazakhstan
27/07/20 07:39 from Xinjiang: Far West China
Since you’re already pretty deep into Central Asia when you visit China’s western region of Xinjiang, many people take the opportunity to visit some neighboring countries as well. Kazak...

» Chinese Vocabulary for the (Postponed) 2020 Olympic Games
20/07/20 11:00 from Chinese Blog
The Olympic Games (奥运会 ào yùn huì) are the world’s biggest celebration of sport. More than 200 nations participate in the foremost international sporting event. For a couple of weeks, people from a...

» Chinese Smashed Cucumber Salad Recipe
08/07/20 13:00 from Chinese Blog
Summer is upon us, which means the weather is getting hotter and hotter (天气越来越热 tiān qì yuè lái yuè rè). On those hot summer days, it’s nice having a cool, refreshing snack. There’s per...

» How to Use the Chinese Word for Symptom
06/07/20 11:00 from Chinese Blog
症状 (zhèng zhuàng) is a noun meaning symptom. The Chinese dictionary defines it as an abnormal condition (异常状态yì cháng zhuàng tài) indicates disease (疾病jí bìng). For example: 头痛是许多疾病的症状。 Tóu tòng sh...

» The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival
22/06/20 13:00 from Chinese Blog
On the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, China celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival (端午节 – duān wǔ jié). This year the holiday falls on June 25th. It has been celebrated in China for thousands of year...

» Guizhou Province: the world’s bridge museum
15/06/20 11:00 from Chinese Blog
The landlocked province of Guizhou (贵州 Guìzhōu) is situated in southwest China. The Chinese describe the province as: 天无三日晴, tiān wú sān rì qíng, 地无三里平, dì wú sān lǐ píng, 人无三分银。 rén wú sān fēn yín...

» Uyghur Bread 馕 | Central Asian Flat Bread at Its Best
12/05/20 06:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
Every once in a while there rises from within an ethnic group a particular cultural characteristic that tends to represent the group as a whole. Interestingly it has a tendency to be food: burgers ...

» Uyghur Laghman | Introduction to Ban Main Noodles
05/05/20 07:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
If you look up the phrase "ban mian" on Google you'll find that this Chinese name is used to describe various dishes from Fujian, Singapore, and is also the English equivalent to what we call "Lo M...

» Uyghur Kebabs w/ Lamb | Xinjiang Cuisine
28/04/20 07:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
About this time last year I was invited by a good Uyghur friend to take part in one of Xinjiang’s most popular pastimes: the BBQ. Having spent part of his life behind a Xinjiang kebab stand outside...

» The Dao of Pandemic
21/04/20 15:05 from The Useless Tree
A nice piece in the SCMP by Lijia Zhang ...

» Self-Publishing a Travel Guide: My Experience
21/04/20 06:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
What does it take to self-publish a travel guide? I take a look back at my publishing experience to review what it cost me and how successful the book has been so far. The post Self-Publishing a Tr...

» My Xinjiang Story Summed up in 15 Photos
16/04/20 06:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
It's been 6 months already but a lot has happened. I believe these 15 pictures tell the story of this last half year well. The post My Xinjiang Story Summed up in 15 Photos appeared first on Xinjia...

» Urumqi Train Travel 2020 Guide 乌鲁木齐站
14/04/20 07:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
A guide to taking a train in Urumqi and what to expect when you're traveling in Xinjiang The post Urumqi Train Travel 2020 Guide 乌鲁木齐站 appeared first on Xinjiang: Far West China .

» Do I Need a Special Visa or Permit for Xinjiang?
07/04/20 07:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
Is there a special visa or permit required to travel to Xinjiang in 2020? This is a question that I get quite a few times throughout the travel season and it seems that there might be conflicting i...

» How to Rent a Car in China | Traveler’s Guide
02/04/20 06:00 from Xinjiang: Far West China
No tourist buses. No blazing hot sun beating down on me. No need to pay an entrance fee. Just the pure joy of independent travel in my favorite province in China. The post How to Rent a Car in Chin...

» City Guide: Things to Do and avoid in Lhasa, Tibet
03/02/20 07:34 from chinaSMACK
Why visit Lhasa? Lhasa ལྷ་ས་, literally the “Place of the Gods,” is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, is located in the southeast of Tibet, and in the northern […] More The post Cit...

» The Best VPN for China: Our Top 5 Choices (Jan 2020)
04/01/20 14:10 from chinaSMACK
After months of extensive testing here in China, we’ve updated our Best China VPN guide to help you unblock the web and access Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, and others. [...

» Mencius on Protester Violence in Hong Kong
19/11/19 02:17 from The Useless Tree
The months-long protests and demonstrati...

» Young Woman Commits Suicide After Photoshoot Scam
07/11/19 00:47 from chinaSMACK
October 26th, Xiao Wei (a 20 years old girl from Guiyang) left the world disappointed. Her family is devastated and knowing the reason just made things worse. Having a nice […] More The post ...

» “Quantum Speed Reading” Training Camp Scam Tiger Parents for Thousands of Dollars
01/11/19 02:50 from chinaSMACK
Modern China is a society with cruel competition and high pressure. Parents would do anything to give their child a head start in life, and the eagerness created opportunities for […] More Th...

» Children Hospitalized after Teacher told them to Eat Trash
24/10/19 20:45 from chinaSMACK
Parents of students at a school in Henan couldn’t believe what kind of power the teachers have over their children. Recently, 4 teenagers in Henan Shuiquan private boarding school were [̷...

» 6 Reasons to Visit China
04/10/19 07:14 from ChinaHush
At first glance, China seems like home to bamboo forests, vibrant cities, and centuries of ancient history, but there’s more to the country than meets the eye. There are mountainous valleys, shimme...

» Starting Work in China: 10 Facts You Need to Know
23/07/19 06:51 from ChinaHush
Image by christels from Pixabay China is a country with a diverse economy. For a long time, it has been a leader in businesses and global markets, creating employment opportunities for workers and ...

» New Book: Blogging China in the 21st Century
24/06/19 14:21 from The Useless Tree
I've made a book out of parts of this blog. With material stretching back to 2005, I concentrated on various questions surrounding the reinvention of "tradition" in the PRC today, creating a volume...

» How has Digital Changed Business Environment in China?
25/04/19 08:00 from ChinaHush
China ranks third among the largest digital and technology investments and is also the largest e-commerce market in the world with nearly 40% of total e-commerce transactions worldwide. China is ho...

» Somewhat Less than Normal: Notes on actually coming home
16/04/19 19:53 from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
After 25 or so years of living in vast, sprawling cities, far, far away- as far away as my impulses to dive into the unknown and unexpected could take me-- I have landed with a thud...

» An Old Hotelier Remembers 1980s Tibet
08/04/19 07:22 from ChinaHush
Alec Le Sueur had never been to China before when he agreed to work at the Holiday Inn Lhasa as the sales and marketing manager, but he had been fascinated by Tibet after reading books about it by ...

» Podcast #30: Motorcycling in Chengdu and Across China with Carl
22/03/19 08:20 from Chengdu Living
This episode of the podcast, the first in a Haus Guests series with Berlin Haus, is all about motorcycling around Chengdu and across China. The post Podcast #30: Motorcycling in Chengdu and Across ...

» Why I Still Love China, Even if It Hates Me
21/03/19 09:20 from Chengdu Living
There's a lot to dislike about China, but so much more to love. The post Why I Still Love China, Even if It Hates Me appeared first on Chengdu Living .

» Just Like Starting Over (Again): Canada!
07/03/19 20:33 from A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai
This is Nanaimo in the snow. This is one of the many bear-frequented trails that run above and below and alongside our little temporary Yew (tux wa’culhp) cottage on the […]

» Podcast #29: Mastering Mandarin with Luke of Mandarin Blueprint
05/03/19 07:53 from Chengdu Living
We're back again with another episode, cracking away at one of the most enduring challenges of life in China: mastery of the Chinese language. The post Podcast #29: Mastering Mandarin with Luke of ...

» Chinese Poker: a beginner’s guide
06/12/18 04:52 from ChinaHush
Every single day millions of people all around the world settle down for a game of poker  -in casinos, in bars and, more and more today, online too. There are also a huge number of different types ...