CCTV"中华之光"颁奖晚会招募观众(CCTV Audiences Recruitment)

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CCTV"中华之光"颁奖晚会招募观众(CCTV Audiences Recruitment)

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《中华之光——传播中华文化年度人物评选》活动是中央电视台今年的重点选题:由文化部、国务院新闻办、国务院侨办、国家广电总局和中央电视台共同主办,中央电视台中文国际频道承办。 《中华之光——传播中华文化年度人物评选》主旨是表彰为传播中华文化做出重大贡献的海外侨胞和中国大陆各界知名人士,增强全球华人对中华文化的自信感和自豪感,扩大中华文化在全球的传播广度。
“The Brilliance of China--Choice for Chinese Culture Promoter of the Year” is sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Information Office of the State Council, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television. This event encourages Chinese people around the world to contribute to the promotion of Chinese culture; increase the scope and speed of Chinese culture’s spread around the world, and strengthen the “soft power” and international influence of Chinese culture.

《中华之光——传播中华文化年度人物评选》的获奖人都是在传播中华文化方面做出了卓有成效的贡献,包括首获诺贝尔文学奖的中国作家莫言、具有世界影响力的华人篮球运动员姚明、在全球音乐界声名鹊起的钢琴家郎朗; 活动所邀请到的颁奖人包括诺贝尔物理学奖获得者杨振宁、泰国前副总理乍都隆.彩盛等。此次活动还邀请到了宋祖英、谭晶、谭咏麟、费玉清、李玟、容祖儿等演艺人员作为演出嘉宾。
This event aims to commend those renowned members of circles in China, as well as members of the overseas Chinese, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao communities who have contributed to the propagation of Chinese culture. The prizewinners include Mo Yan who has just won the Nobel Prize in Literature; Yao Ming, the basketball player who has a world-wide reputation; and Lang Lang, the renowned famous pianist and so on. The referees for the ceremony include Chen-Ning Yang, the prizewinner of Nobel Prize in Physics and the former vice premier of Thailand and so on. Song Zuying, Tan Jing, Alan Tam, Yu-Ching Fei, Coco Lee and Joey Yung will be invited as the entertainers for this event.

The event will be hold in the CCTV Headquarters on the afternoon of January 11th 2013. In order to promote the Chinese culture worldwide and strengthen the international influence of this event, we would like to invite around 20 to 30 foreign audiences to participate in the event.

If you have the intention to attend, please leave your email address below attaching your nationality as well. We will then inform you of the specific time and location by email. Thanks for your support![/color]

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