Full-time job in ChengDu training school

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Full-time job in ChengDu training school

帖子longear » 16 11月 2012, 15:13

Job Details:
1.Subject to Teach:Mini Class, Salon Class,English Corner
2.Duration of Each Class:50 mins
3.Class Amount per Week:25-30 Classes
4.Office Hours per Week:40 hours. (Full time)
5.Students’ Age:10-55 years. Old
6.Class Size:≤4 (Mini Class), ≤10 (Salon Class),
≤20 (English Corner)
7.Numbers Needed:1 Full-timer

Foreign Teachers Requirements:
1.Nationality:Europe and white American
from English-speaking Countries
2.Sex Required:Both Male & Female
3.Age Required:No more than 60 years old
4.Degree:Bachelor’s Degree or above (High school for experienced teachers)
5.TEFL/TESOL or not?:Yes (Not requested for experienced teachers)
6.Teaching Experience:At least 1 year
7.Arrival time:ASAP
8.Other Requirement:Work for at least 1 year

Terms of Employment
1.Contract Length:1Year
2.Salary: Full-time: 8000RMB/Month + 1200RMB Housing Allowance (No Housing Allowance for the first 2 months’ probation.)
3.Air Fee Allowance:6000RMB (For Full-time teachers only)
4.Apartment :For Full-time teachers only
5.Over Work Allowance:100RMB/hr.
6.Meals Offered? :No
7.Holidays :Entitled public holidays and paid Christmas day
8.Paid Holidays :Entitled public holidays and paid Christmas day
9.Visa :the school provide all kinds of visas
10.Other Allowance :Same as Chinese staff

Long ear tutor agency
E-mail:[email protected]
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