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Hong Kong Company registration

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Advantages of registering a HK company:
-There is no trade restriction. You could deal in any legitimate business without applying for another license.
-HK is the freest business harbor in the world, goods import and export freely without tariff, capital import and export freely and kinds of foreign currency could exchange at any time.
-Make good use of HK's famous to build HK brand and improve the international image of company.
-Shell Company and off-share business is allowed in HK.
-Quite free to choose company name
- No requirement for registered capital; low registration and management fees
- Not many materials required; easy to set up; normally can be registered around two weeks
- Allowed to open a local bank account or an offshore account in Hong Kong
Registration requirement:
- Shareholder and Director’s ID card
- Hk company's name
- Residential address
Registration time to take:
- 8-10 working days
Documents to hand over after incorporation
1. Certificate of incorporation 1 copy
2. Business registration certificate 1 copy
3. Share book
4. Articles of association
5. A set of seals (steel seal/ company signature chop/ company chop)
6. Meeting minute’s book
7. Bank accounts documents
8. Green case

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