Private offered in one on one or group Mandarin lessons.

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Private offered in one on one or group Mandarin lessons.

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I can help you improve your Chinese language skills and make your life better in China. I have been teaching Chinese for more than 4 years .I can teach in your office, home and other convenient location of course, you can also come to my school to have lessons.
For Beginners: I help you conquer Standard Chinese Pinyin in one week. Open the door for you to see the secret of this difficult language.
For tourists: I guide you to everyday Chinese and show you around town. Make you survive in this exciting city.
For expats living in town, I help you how to talk to your maid and driver. Make your life easier in this complicated city.
For Business people:
I help you how to deal with local people and understand them better. Make your life wealthy in this competitive city.
For people who are going to have HSK exam: I help you to review and improve different kind of HSK level.
email me:[email protected]
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