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Chinese lessons at the park by Jennygogogo

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Learn Chinese 学中文
In the lesson today we will learn some vocabulary and sentences useful when travelling in parks across China. Aimed at beginners with a basic understanding of pinyin and tones.

Jen is a 23 year old Chinese teacher.

Currently she runs a Chinese study program called - Jenny Go Go Go - designed to be a unique teaching system of Chinese learning. It has proven to be a very effective course since it provides quality classes which perfectly meet her students different levels, needs and requirements.

Currently she would love to find more Internet students. She has experience with Internet classes teaching through Skype for students in America, Japan and Beijing. She has many kinds of textbooks, a blackboard and other tools for speaking lessons, business lessons and Chinese characters lessons.

Jenny has 3 years of private tutoring experience and extensive training teaching Chinese to Foreigners. She also has experience working for a language training school in Beijing. Her B.A. major is in Chinese language and culture and she will be happy to teach you about various aspects of Chinese culture including our many interesting traditions if you desire.

Save time and money by avoiding the language schools and instead learn Chinese the fastest way possible with her as your private tutor! Your first class with her can be a free trial so contact Jenny today!

E-mail: [email protected]
Number: 133-1783-2263
Hourly rate: $14 U.S Dollars