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Post PhotoStar 结交外国朋友Looking for foreign friends by Peter Zhang on 2012-06-28
hi,everyone,i'm Peter Zhang from Qingdao, you want to learn chinese? please just contact ! i'm open-minded and easy-going. playing basketball and swimming are my favourite sports. chatting with others is also a good choice for entertainment. my ICQ : 600828167....
Post PhotoStar Well come to LongGang to learn Chinese by Penny Peng on 2012-06-19
Hello, My name is Penny Peng and I live in Long Gang district, I am funny and easy going tutor for foreigners , if you want to learn Chinese , pls contact me ! We can talk about when and how much....
Post PhotoStar 在深圳龙岗教中文 by Penny peng on 2012-06-19
大家好,我是彭妮.彭,我住在深圳龙岗,我是一名汉语老师,请你想学中文,请联系我.节假日除外,我可以做兼职,目前教学以一对一为主,教学对象:大人、小孩。时间、费用面谈。 Hi , My name is Penny and I live in Long Gang district, I am funny and easy going tutor for foreigners , if you want to learn Chinese , pls contact me ! Except for holiday,I can do the parttime job,I am good at one to one teaching,I can teach adults and Child...
Star i want to make friends with you by Jianfeng Guo on 2012-06-13
Hi,my name is Jianfeng Guo,live in Guangzhou now,i'm a 22 male working for a trading company,i got a lot of hobbies that we can talk about any subjects.if you're a ENglish native speaker live in Guangzhou as well,you can contact me because i think we can be good friends and we can learn each other...
Star language exchange by xindy on 2012-06-11
Hi: I am a Chinese woman living in Beijing right now. I am trying to learn French language. So I am trying to find a friend who can speak French here to exchange the language, especailly pronauciation. Thanks. xindy...
Star pen pal by Min Zhang on 2012-06-09
Everybody hello. I am a College gilr and 21years old. I want to a frend to teach my spoken Englishi with a pen pal. My English is so poor,and i hope some time to practice it. I am a lovely and cheerly gilr , If you have free time, please,i absolutly can be best friend with you. It is sorry to fogive my Eglishi writte erors....
Star English Tutor in Guangzhou by Jenna on 2012-06-04
Hello. My name is Jenna and I have moved to Guangzhou from Australia. If you would like to learn english please email me. Hope to hear from you soon!...
Star 认识外国朋友 by 任丽 on 2012-05-10
Star 北京女孩想认识在北京的外国人 by 任丽 on 2012-05-10
我是一个北京女孩,性格开朗热情,很喜欢旅游和音乐,希望在这里找到喜欢中国文化,会说中文,在北京生活和工作的外国朋友,我的QQ 1176299730...
Star 交友学语言 by 琵琶湖 on 2012-05-04
大家好! 我正在学意大利语。 非常希望能找到一位说意大利语的朋友,互相帮助学语言。 我每天写很短的意大利语日记(有时就2句),请她或他每天帮忙看看语法是否正确。 她或他如需要我帮忙交流中文,我会很乐意帮忙。 谢谢 Sheila...
Star 找朋友 by 阿德南 on 2012-05-04
嘿,大家好。我叫阿德南, 我是巴基斯坦人,想要找朋友。所以可以 提高中文, 也可以帮朋友提高他们的英文。、、 谢谢...
Star Penpals wanted!^ ^ by cathy on 2012-04-13
I love Britrock&classical music;piano,painting,sports and philosophy^ Communicating whith a person,who has common hobbies may be a fantastic thing!...
Post PhotoStar Penfriend Wanted by Rachel on 2012-03-22
I want to find a penfriend .My QQ:853572913.My name is Rachel.I am 14 ....
Star Language Exchange by Cindy on 2012-03-15
Hi, My name is Cindy. Having been working in Beijing for three years, now I need to practice my oral English. If you want to study Chinese why not contact me? I am quite familiar with Chinese culture. Please send mail to me: [email protected]
Star 和大家交朋友 by 顾正志 on 2012-03-10
亲爱的网站内广大的老外网友们:大家好!非常高兴能和大家交朋友,在网上交流 。我是中国江苏盐城的网友,请多关照!...