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Star 语言互助 teach language for each other. by 周奇 on 2011-02-14
my first language is chinese. if you are english or something other, so.let's talk and learn!...
Star 联系你们 by 娜蒂 Nati on 2011-02-14
Star 中国的笑话/哲理 by JOY 吴湘惠 on 2011-02-03
1.和朋友到泰山顶看日出,一个朋友指着天空说:“我看见了!”“我也看见了!”这时远处有人提着裤子出来骂道:“看见就看见呗!你们嚷什么啊!”­ 2.一男生暗恋一女生 鼓气勇气问那女生喜欢什么样的男生­ “投缘的”女生答 ,连问几遍都是一样的答案­ 该男生泄气道:“头扁的行不行”。 3.某天考生物,其中有一题是看鸟的腿猜出鸟的名字。某生实在不懂,生...
Star Make friends by Angela on 2010-11-23
I would like to know more foreign friends here, we can communicate different views on life around the world and share something interesting....
Star hello,你好 by Bubble on 2010-11-19
hi,i like my country and cultures.i have ever been to beijing、suzhou and so family is in haerbin(哈尔滨).my schcool is in Enlish is just so so.not only very good,but also very terrible.i wish make foreign QQ number is MSN is [email protected]
Star Teach Mandarin for free~I got IPA Certificate.Welcome friends from the world:) by su on 2010-11-10
Chengdu is hometown of panda,hot-pot capsicum food~Welcome friends from the world:)...
Star I want an English name...... by 贺加贝 on 2010-10-23
Hi,I’m a Chinese girl and I really need someone to help me to choose an English name...cause it's so embarrassing for an English major student who doesn't even have an English name...And that is what situation I'm```could anybody help me?...
Star Hey,My name is Cherry! by Cherry on 2010-08-09
Hey friends, I am a Chinese girl.My name is Cherry.Now I am studying in China University of Geosciences in beijing.I am a very spontaneous, open-minded and positive girl. My hobbies include basketball, traveling, cultural exchange, cooking (if you are brave enough to try my food) etc. I have many friend but haven't had a foreign now. Few days ago I made a conversation with a foreigner.Just at the begining he asked me :'Do you want to find a boyfriend?' I was afraid very much and answered him "...
Star Native English Teacher needed at shuangjing by Tina on 2010-08-06
Company Information: we are a professinal English trainning institution engaged in a few of years.At present, the group focuses on oral English training for all ages. Because of our good service and professional foreign teacher, we have obtained good reputation among our students. Now we are looking for many part time English teachers. If you are interested in our position, please contact with Tina. We offer a competitive Hourly Wage based upon your Teaching Experience & Qualifications. You...
Star I need your help!!!!!! by 李娇娇 on 2010-07-28
i was a china little girl, i'm 12 years old, and i need your english is not very well, i was in translation a paper, it finish now, but it still miss some english grammar, so ,i hope you contact me, my email is :[email protected] reply,please....
Star Student wanted!(^^) by 培 Catherine on 2010-07-24
Student requirement: You can speak English. (so we can communicate.) French is a plus. (so you might be my tutor.) You are learning Chinese. (so I can tutor you.) You are interested in Chinese tradition culture. (so there is few chance of culture shock.) You want to practise Chinese more often.(so you are clear what your aim is and i can offer a tailor-made Chinese program for you.) You stay in Shanghai.(as a native, so i am glad to be guide for you to practise your Chinese.) You have mast...
Star Penpal Wanted by Sally on 2010-07-24
Hello!I`m Sally.I come from Sichuan.And I really want to find a penpal who froms an English-shpeaking countrys.Can you make friends with me?I can`t wait !!!My e-mail :[email protected] Plaese write to me soon!!! Yours, Sally...
Star Find language practice partner by Nancy on 2010-07-17
i am an English teacher and i wish to find friends with whom i can improve my english and know more about foreign culture. i am eager to help foreign friends to improve their Chinese. So i am looking for a English speaker. i can teach him/her Chinese and he/she can help me with my English. PLease send email to me....
Star 大家好,我来自云南 by xueyingying on 2010-06-23
大家好,我来自云南,也是这的常客,希望我们在这小天地认识更多的朋友~~~ MSN [email protected]
Star 交朋友 by 张悦 on 2010-06-20
希望可以交到外国朋友 提高一下自己的英语 相互学习语言 QQ4280844...